Ash St. Governance, Compliance & Regulation

The Ash St. Governance, Compliance and Regulation Team (GCR) is a blended legal, compliance and governance practice that draws on the private practice and in-house experience of our Practice Director, Samantha Carroll and Special Counsel, Michelle Bradshaw.

Their approach is to listen, understand and then provide clients across all industries and sectors with quality advice and services, informed by their experience of what works in the real world.

NEW! Ash St. GCR Resources

The Team understand that many risk and compliance functions have finite resources and limited time available to develop the foundational frameworks and documentation that will set their firm up for success. Shortages of, or limited access to, experts with the necessary skills and competency to draft quality documentation may also be a challenge. Budgets can also be an issue and a real barrier for accessing expertise and support to help safeguard an organisation.

With this in mind, the Team established Ash St. GCR Resources: a collection of high quality documents reflecting best practice, regulatory changes and approaches. By using these resources, organisations are not only complying with all regulatory and legislative requirements, they are also freeing up internal resources to focus on critical activities such as advising the business, monitoring, reporting and education.

For more information about Ash St. GCR Resources, please click here.

Regulatory Compliance Timeline & Roadmap 

The Team have developed a Regulatory Compliance Timeline designed with in-house legal, risk and compliance functions in mind, to assist these functions in managing the plethora of regulatory change ahead and ongoing compliance reporting obligations. An easy to digest timeline format, it can be included in briefing packs to Boards, Senior Management and other key stakeholders. This will be updated regularly and can be accessed here.

Services available

The GCR Team have developed a number of services to help clients tackle their BAU compliance, regulatory and governance requirements as well as specific projects. These can all be dialed up and down depending on the clients’ needs, time frames and budgets.

The GCR Team advise on issues such as providing technical legal advice on the laws, how to respond to non-compliance with obligations, governance and compliance advice on the overarching framework or operation of governance/compliance in an organisation.

They also provide governance/compliance advice on particular regimes such as the Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorism Financing legislation including reviewing or developing the necessary framework documentation and practical advice on how to effectively implement and operationalise compliance obligations.

The Team can also be engaged on a retainer basis to provide ongoing compliance and regulatory advisory services. Tailored to suit your needs, retainers can be entered into on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and can be dialled up or down as needed.

Financial Crimes Expertise

The GCR Team are qualified lawyers and governance, risk and compliance experts with deep knowledge of the Australian financial crimes legal and regulatory landscape including those which regulate:

      • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing;
      • Sanctions; and
      • Anti-Bribery and Corruption.

Having worked with regulators, the GCR Team understand the drivers behind regulator engagement and can assist clients on how to effectively and appropriately manage regulators.

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