CEO Institute | Ash St. Presenting – 24 & 27 April

Navigating Uncertainty & Preparing for the ‘Next Normal’

Session Date / Time: Friday 24th April from 8.00am to 9.30am (AEST) & Monday 27 April from 3.30pm to 5.00pm (AEST)

Economic update presented by: Besa Deda, Chief Economist – St.George Bank
Followed by discussions guided by: Mark Calvetti, Director – William Buck and Samantha Carroll, Practice Director Governance, Compliance & Regulation – Ash St. Legal & Advisory

While managing your company’s immediate crisis, it’s critical to keep one eye on the horizon, shaping your strategies for now and beyond. With more people working from home and digital adoption increasing across industries, there will be more challenges ahead with fast-emerging risks and uncertain consequences. Join us to hear from a panel of experts on the factors you need to consider today to transform for the ‘next normal’.

To register, please visit the CEO Institute.