CEO Institute Webinars: Navigating Your Way Through Financial Distress

The CEO Institute are hosting two webinars on 24 and 27 July 2020 to help businesses, irrespective of size, navigate their way through financial distress.

There are a myriad of Government support systems in place at the moment, but what happens when they are removed? Where do businesses go from there? What options are available to them?

These 90 minute webinars are designed to provide more information to business owners and Directors – to help them ascertain what the options are and what warning signs they need to be looking out for.

Moderated by Pauline Vamos, insights will be provided by:

  • Shaun McGushin – Practice Director for Projects & Finance ( Ash St.)
  • Mark Robinson – Senior Advisor (dVT Group)


Friday 24 July – 8am to 9.30am

Monday 27 July – 3pm to 4.30pm

To register: 

The event is open to members only but it may be a good time for businesses to think about joining this informative and highly regarded association.

For more information about the event and the CEO Institute, please click here.