Food Law Seminar

Food Law Seminar

13 September 2017 09:00-13:15

Primus Hotel, Mezzanine, 339 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Ash St.’s Madeleine Kearney, Associate Director Product Risk, is speaking at the Food Law Seminar and also in attendance, David Ward, Director Advisory.


Food companies are under tremendous pressure from competitors and regulators when manufacturing, packaging, labelling and marketing food products. Ensure you or your clients are up to date with recent legal developments that impact industry standards and how food companies can, and should, do business in a competitive market.

Chair: Fiona Darwen, Senior Corporate Counsel, Nestle Australia

Understanding the Food/Therapeutic Goods Interface: Where is the Line in the Sand?

  • Legal definitions
  • Distinctions between foods and therapeutic goods generally
  • Therapeutic claims v health claims in foods
  • The difference between an FSMP and a medicine
  • Case studies

Presented by Dr Teresa Nicoletti, Partner, Mills Oakley

Managing the Commercial Risks of Food Safety Incidents

  • Understanding the risks that food safety incidents pose for your business: financial and reputational
  • Features that increase the risk of a food safety incident being the subject of media and regulatory scrutiny
  • Statutory obligations and when to engage with regulators
  • Cost recovery
  • Crisis preparation and planning

Presented by Madeleine Kearney, Associate Director, Ash St.

High-Sugar Foods: Are the Sweet Days of Advertising Over?

  • Heinz v ACCC
  • Health claims: The stealth of nutritional allusions?
  • Where is it heading and what does it mean for freedom of advertising?
  • The power of public health regulation: Is it a healthy tension?

Presented by Andrew Wiseman, Partner, Allens

Managing IP Issues and Advertising Risk

  • Brands including copyright
  • Rights in products: get up, packaging, recipes, know how
  • Advertising: clearance to minimise regulator and competitor risk
  • Disputes: forums in and out of court, planning your strategy and implementing it well

Presented by Odette Gourley, Partner and Alison Jones, Senior Associate, Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Advertising Standards Board: Common Complaints and Impact on Reputational Risk

  • Trends in common complaints
  • What we can learn about how to avoid reputational risk
  • Celebrity blogging, recent amendment to the code of ethics

Presented by Elizabeth Beal, Legal and Policy Manager, Advertising Standards Bureau