Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia event for University of Melbourne Alumni

“Doing good brings many happy returns”

Monday 12 September 18:30-20:15

Piper Alderman Lawyers, Level 23 Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Ash St.’s David Ward, Director Advisory, will be attending this Alumni event with a speech by Tessa Jakszewicz.  Tessa is the CEO of Landcare Australia, a ‘for purpose’ organisations that builds capacity for Landcare communities to better manage Australia’s crucial land and water assets.

Landcare Australia

Unsurprisingly, the Landcare movement developed nationally in 1989 as a result of farmers and environmentalists uniting to care for our land and water. Farmers realised it made good business sense, and environmentalists realised they needed to work constructively with farmers, as managers of over half of Australia’s land mass.

Landcare Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, and registered charity, which leads the promotion of and provision of financial support to the Landcare movement’s national resource management programme in Australia; aligning the practice of environmental management with land productivity, and devolving governance and management to local communities.

For more than 25 years, we have supported the land care movement’s role of protecting, restoring and sustaining the productivity and value of Australia’s natural environment.

The land care movement is made up of more than 5,400 local groups across the nation. The groups that fall under the Landcare umbrella are varied in nature, including Coastcare, as well as productive farming groups, ‘Friends of’, Bushcare, Rivercare, Dunecare and indigenous ranger groups.

Each of these groups actively cares for Australia’s invaluable land and water assets; utilising assistance from interested volunteers to safeguard, rebuild, regenerate, and sustainably manage the natural environment.

We work collaboratively with federal, state and local governments, corporate partners and sponsors, and individuals, to deliver hundreds of projects annually through the volunteer efforts of local community groups, indigenous groups, and the more than 5,400 Landcare and Coastcare groups across Australia.

By invitation only