Microsoft Summit 2017

Microsoft Summit 2017

Ash St. was represented at the Microsoft Summit 2017 by David Ward, Director Advisory.  Presenters included:

  • Steven Worral – Managing Director Australia Microsoft
  • Toni Townes-Whitley – Corporate VP Industry Microsoft
  • Jenny Lay-Flurrie – Chief Accessibility Officer Microsoft
  • David Thodey – Chairman CSIRO
  • Professor Brian Cox – Physicist

Microsoft Business Summit 14 November 2017

New technology shifts are defining incredible new business opportunities at a rapid pace. This day is designed exclusively for business leaders and decision makers from businesses of all sizes across industry. From the global macro view to local industry deep dives, this day will equip you with the ideas and tangible solutions to advance your organisation’s digital transformation.

From the universe to the workplace – how a digital world demands new thinking

From the universe to the workplace – this is the path to be traversed in this fascinating keynote that explores how a blend of new ideas, technology and mindsets is required to adapt to a rapidly transforming business landscape. We will take you to the stars to explore the nature of disruption and lessons we can learn from the intellectual honesty and excitement that characterises science at its best. Then it’s to the new world of digital leadership and inclusion, as unchartered challenges and opportunities continuously emerge in the digital age. We end the journey in the workplaces of Australia, to look at why people, culture and mindset are the most powerful catalysts of change and sit at the heart of successful business transformation.