Ash Street Privacy Policy

Ash Street is a group of companies that provide legal and business services and advice to clients. The companies are Ash Street Partners Pty Limited, Ash Street Consulting Pty Limited, Ash Street Holdings Pty Limited and ASH Compliance Pty Limited (collectively, Ash Street).

Ash Street collects personal information in the course of business, and we are committed to client confidentiality and observing relevant privacy laws, including the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this document we refer to personal information, but the GDPR and other laws use the term personal data.

You can ask Ash Street for a copy of this privacy policy in hard copy at no cost by contacting us by any of the methods set out below.

Summary and general principles

Ash Street commits to the following general principles around privacy:

  • Personal information is processed lawfully and transparently
  • Personal information is kept only for as long as necessary
  • Personal information is collected for specific purposes and not used for any other purpose
  • Personal information is not collected unless needed, kept up to date and promptly amended or deleted when necessary

When does Ash Street collect personal information?

Ash Street collects personal information when you visit our web site, send us emails, contact us by telephone or in writing, give us information about you or other people (including employees, contractors and other persons), or we are asked to advise clients.

What personal information does Ash Street collect?

Personal information that Ash Street collects may include:

  • Contact and other personal information including names, physical addresses, occupation, telephone numbers, dates of birth and email addresses
  • Sensitive personal information (directly from an individual, when we will discuss specific issues at the time of collection)
  • Internet addresses of computers that visit our web site
  • Verification of identity information, such as passport or driver licence details
  • Information from public registers
  • Bank account details

How Ash Street uses personal information

We use personal information for providing legal services and business advice, and for:

  • managing our business relationships with clients
  • managing our business
  • statistical purposes
  • compliance with our legal and governance obligations

With appropriate consent, we also use personal information for:

  • promoting, managing and improving our products and services
  • providing seminars and other training
  • sending news, legal updates, invitations, marketing emails and other communications

Storage of personal information

Ash Street takes reasonable steps to keep any personal information we hold about you secure. We use physical security measures and restrict access to electronic records to protect personal information from misuse, interference or loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Access to personal information is limited to those of our personnel who specifically need it to carry out their business responsibilities. Our employees and contractors are legally bound to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by us.

Electronically stored personal information is stored on servers located in Australia, managed by commercial information technology organisations. We have contracts with those organisations which require them to exercise at least the same level of information security as we do.

We will store personal information as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, and as required by law or business governance. We will destroy physical files and destroy the data on electronic systems, except where it is not technically reasonably possible, such as data on backup systems where selective data cannot be deleted.

Sharing personal information

Ash Street may share or transfer personal information:

  • within the Ash Street group of companies
  • with other professional advisers where necessary for us to provide legal and business services
  • with third parties on a confidential basis for fraud, financial status and other checks
  • with third parties on a confidential basis for an actual or potential sale, acquisition or merger of our business
  • with your permission

Ash Street will not share personal information except as outlined in this privacy policy.

Rights to access personal information

The person who is the subject of personal information may:

  • request a copy of the personal information held by Ash Street
  • have any inaccurate information corrected
  • restrict or object to our use of personal information


Inquiries and complaints in relation to personal information can be made by:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +61 2 8651 8700
  • Post: Ash Street, Level 21, 1 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia