Regulatory Roadmap & Compliance Timeline – August to October

Specifically designed with in-house legal, risk and compliance functions in mind, our Roadmap and Timeline 2020-21 captures movements/deadlines and serves to assist these functions in managing the plethora of regulatory change ahead and ongoing compliance reporting obligations.

Regulatory Roadmap | Effective 18 August to 6 October

A high level summary of what you need to know about the changing regulatory environment capturing updates from:

  • Peak Financial Regulatory Bodies;
  • Peak Regulatory Bodies;
  • Peak Industry Bodies; and
  • The Government.

Access here

Compliance Timeline | Effective October

Access here

Design and Distribution Obligations – Top Tips for Preparation

From the outside, this looks like a fairly straightforward regime but be aware, the new DDO legislation is quite technical and tricky.  Whilst ASIC intervention powers have commenced, it’s important for manufacturers and distributors of financial products to start looking at DDO as there is quite a bit to it.

Our GCR Team have developed some handy tips and supporting resource(s) to help guide you through the process. Access here.

Over the last 8 months, our GCR Team have been helping a number of our clients get ready for a 5 October 2021 go live date.

If you’re not sure where to start or have kick started the process yet need some expert guidance, contact our GCR Team for more information.

GCR Resources

The GCR Team have developed a collection of resources ready for organisations to use (Precedent library). They incorporate the latest guidance from regulators, international standards and cases – saving you time and money in having to develop your own:

  • Product Governance Frameworks;
  • Key Compliance Programs (i.e. NCCP, FSR, Privacy, Sanctions, AML/CTF, Modern Slavery);
  • Regulatory Response and Engagement Frameworks; and
  • Remediation Frameworks and Compliance Reporting Frameworks.

Our Precedent library is extensive so please reach out if you need something in particular – chances are the Team have something ready for you to use – with minor amendments required.

For more, click here or speak to Samantha (+61 438 323 584) or Michelle (+61 476 224 657).

Need further assistance?

If you are looking for a blended solution of Legal and GCR advice with guidance on implementation, please contact the GRC Team via or call Catherine Tomic on +61 414 088 165.