Strategic Partnership GRC Solutions

GRC Solutions and Ash St to shake-up future of financial services advisory services

20 October 2017, Sydney, Australia.

GRC Solutions has entered into a strategic partnership with Ash St, a cutting-edge professional services firm, that will carve-out a new advisory approach in the market. The coming-together of these businesses will see the delivery of integrated legal, compliance and financial advisory services.

With GRC recently announcing the acquisition of COBA’s (Customer-Owned Banked Association) legal and compliance division, the company’s strategic growth moves are seeing the organisation fast becoming a holistic industry leading professional partner.

Julian Fenwick, Managing Director of GRC, said that GRC and Ash St are joining forces at a time when the industry is seeking forward-thinking expert financial advisory firms for guidance and support in today’s complex business environment.

Australian financial institutions continue to be spotlighted for unfavourable compliance behaviours and activities. With regulatory issues a consistent feature for organisations, now is the time for partnering with a motivated and experienced company that will help them become better equipped for ongoing change.

Alongside GRC’s expertise, Ash St’s highly reputable and progressive legal and advisory services history will help to deliver highly-integrated and innovative services to the industry. A new leadership team of senior executives with varied and distinct local and international industry experience makes the partnership especially strong.

Julian Fenwick believes that in a disrupted world, the joint approach to delivering intelligent products and services will see GRC become long-term strategic partners for those organisations who see the valuable benefits in aligning themselves with a centralised and agile legal and compliance services outlet.

GRC and Ash St will combine their talent to deliver a new way of interacting and collaborating with disrupted industries. There is a deep undercurrent of industry know-how and expert thinking at the forefront of the partnership.

Together, GRC and Ash St will drive smarter, more strategic and growth-generating expansion in their products and services, to the benefit of current and future clients. These innovative practices will translate into digital offerings that complement the current suite of services.

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About GRC Solutions ( GRC Solutions is a RegTech company and leader in award-winning online compliance training, spanning legal compliance, risk management and ethics. Across the private, government and non-profit sectors, GRC helps organisations to build resilient cultures amid complex legal and regulatory environments. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, GRC has a strong international presence in the US and Asia.

About Ash St ( Ash St is a boutique professional services firm that provides forward-thinking, multi-disciplinary advice on the most complex business problems. Ash St’s vision is to disrupt traditional ways of thinking about professional services through a client-centric approach and an agile business model