The Importance of Establishing a Due Diligence Defence During a Pandemic

An emerging risk

The challenges facing organisations today is much altered from what it was only a few weeks ago. An emerging risk we have been keeping a watch on is the risk of reputation damage and liability arising as a result of employees or customers falling ill or being exposed to COVID-19. This risk is likely to be heightened where there is a failure to ensure that an organisation’s Pandemic Plan and associated frameworks, systems and controls are implemented effectively and performing. This will be a critical risk for any organisation operating during the pandemic crisis, but particularly for those organisations who have staff operating on the ‘frontline’ in industries such as health care, education, child care, aged care, essential retailers, cleaning, delivery businesses, transport and utilities.

Samantha Carroll, Practice Director for Governance, Compliance & Regulations provides her views on how an organisation can protect itself against liability and reputation risk arising from a pandemic. Click here to access the article.



Photo by Miguel A. Padrinan from Pexels